An Updated Introduction To Intelligent Methods Of Gambling Slot Machines

Jan 17, 2017  

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Finding The Facts On Trouble-free Tactics In [casino]

FROM THE GRAVE: Like reading your advice and think it's great. But I'm one of those players that like doing something goofy at blackjack just for the fun of it every now and then. My favorite was the time we had one player at a full $25 table giving advice to the rest of us on every hand. I finally got tired of it, and doubled on a 13 against a dealer 6 just to tick him off. I expected to bust, and did. He jumped up, announced he couldn't play at a table with idiots, and stormed off. Best $50 I ever spent in a casino. What could be better than playing at a table with great rules and average players, and hopefully winning without the casino even caring? My question is, why don't the supposed experts realize that the more people who do play poorly in a casino, the more the casino makes and the less they need to try wringing every nickel out of us with nonsense like 6/5 tables?

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